Plight of Duvik

Chapter 2

The plot thickens... more than it should.

Our heroes have unearthed a disturbing plot in Port Shortwood. Apparently an old Cult has returned to throw the region in chaos once more. The hauntings in Port Shortwood were a sign from the cult that they have returned. The cult worships chaos. Around 50 years ago was the last time that the cult made themselves seen. Everyone thought they had been defeated, but alas, they were not.

It would seem that the captain of the gaurd of Port Shortwood is in league with the Cult. He approached the adventurers with a proposition to assassinate Lord Pattinstar of Port Shortwood. Our heroes agreed to do this.


In the mean time, they hatched another plan to sneak Lord Pattinstar out of Port Shortwood and back do Duvik’s Pass. They succeeded in this. The Captain of the Port Shortwood gaurd has told our heroes that if they return to Duvik’s Pass (secretly with Lord Pattistar by their side), they shall recieve further orders.

Wondering what might happen next, our heroes start the journey back to Duvik’s Pass (with Lord Pattinstar).



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