Plight of Duvik

Chapter 1

Odd jobs - The story begins

Before we start, let us get to know the heroes of our story… (just a quick overview)

Shamil -

A Tiefling Paladin. Strange that she would be disciplined as a paladin, seeing as she has a Vampiric heritage. Time will tell whether she can stay on the side of light, or become a fallen Paladin.

Jaraxcle -

He is a drow (dark elf) rogue, loyal to the goddess Lolth. A very quick and charismatic person, he lends a good edge to the adventuring party.

Naam -

Human. Male. Fighter. A straightforward guy with straightforward goals and means of achieving them. He like to fight the good fight, and help the helpless.

Gabriel -

This lady is a newcomer to the party, but she is highly appreciated. She’s an elf ranger, with a trusty wolf companion by her side. She and her wolf form a strong backbone to the party.

... Now we can get on with the story so far …

Day 1 -

Our heroes found themselves in the village of Duvik’s Pass, when the lord of the Village, Lord Duvik, called upon them to lend their aid to him in a pressing matter. He informed them that a village nearby, Port Shortwood, has come under some sort of strange haunting. One of the homes in Port Shortwood has become disturbed by supernatural things. Lord Duvik offered to pay our heroes in gold pieces if they could go investigate and possibly resolve the matter. Our heroes accepted. They packed their things and bought supplies for the road ahead.

Night 1 -

Our heroes set up camp in a covered part of the forest between Duvik’s Pass and Port Shortwood. During the night they took shifts guarding the camp. During Gabriel’s shift, she heard something in the bushes just beyond her line of sight. When she investigated, a pack of nearly starved wolves attacked her. Luckily her friends could come to her aid, and they defeated the hungry creatures.

Day 2 -

Our heroes arrived at Port Shortwood after being ambushed by some thugs on the road just outside the Port. They were granted entry to the haunted home where they quickly discovered that these were all elaborate illusions. For what purpose though, they did not yet know. Two Carrion Crawlers were guarding the home. Naam was seriously injured in the battle, as he was paralyzed by one of the Carrion Crawler’s tentacles. Luckily Gabriel managed to save him while Jaraxcle and Shamil were hold off the Crawlers. Still they had no answers as to what was going on …



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